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Make a difference in the life of children in your community today!

Help us to support at-risk families and put and end to the destructive cycle of child abuse!

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Imagine growing up where chaos and violence are normal. Conflict is handled with aggression, and stress and anger are taken out on whomever is within reach. You are alone and afraid all the time. You have no one you can trust. Every day is a fight for survival.

Imagine that you are the one that is responsible for caring for this child, but you yourself never felt safe, growing up in an abuse home, knowing that it didn't feel right when you were a child, but not knowing that there was another way. You feel hopelessly stuck in a cycle that you were destine to repeat no matter how hard you try. Life is too hard, let alone parenting, and you wonder what the point of it all is anyway. You love your child, but love isn't enough.

Now imagine that you had someone who supported your parenting efforts, helping you to be the parent that you've always wanted to be, the parent you wish you had growing up...

Our In-Home Parent Mentoring program is designed to strengthen the family unit. We provide weekly parent education and support on a one-to-one basis, for parents who are in life situations that make it difficult for them to adequately parent their children. These situations involve stressors that include chemical health issues and dependency, mental health issues (the parent and/or the child), family death, and abuse and/or neglect situations.

Exchange Parent Mentor is an evidenced-based model. Parents are matched with a mentor who teaches parenting skills and models coping skills while building a peer relationship with the parent. Families receiving Exchange Parent Mentoring services for at least six-months experience:

  • Reduced parental stress, maternal depression, and maternal anxiety
  • Reduced psychological aggression towards and physical assault on their children
  • Greater mastery of parental skills

  • Outcomes promote the Search Institute’s 40 Developmental Assets for Youth because we believe parents need to know the long-term impact their parenting has on the child. We have an Early Childhood component in our curriculum, focusing on children ages 0-5, and educating parents on the early childhood expectations for ages 0-5.

    Our program utilizes Trauma Informed strategies and educates families on the long-term effects of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE’s), including decreased lifespan due to chronic physical and Mental health issues.

    Curriculum in the parent mentor program is customized to meet the specific needs of the family that is being mentored, including offering appropriate curriculum for parents that have developmental disabilities or delays.

    Our program also identifies and helps to find solutions for the obstacles to effective parenting that our families face, including lack of basic needs, educational deficits, employment, transportation and navigation of available resources.